Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today I Become A Beauty Blogger

So ...
This is what it's all about huh?  This little box on a webpage is what's going to change the world of beauty and fashion ... we can all dream can't we?
I'd like to think that someday I'll make a real dent, but today is the day that I begin my humble ... well, beginnings :)
First of all I'd like to share with you a little about myself ...
I am a licensed cosmetologist with a dream to make people feel better about themselves.
I've always known that I was a teacher.  Everywhere I go I end up teaching, whether I mean to or not.  I love learning and the moment that I learn something that I think is valuable or that meant something to me ... I turn around and I teach it.  This has not always been appreciated by those whom I impart to, but hey, what can I do?
I stumbled upon beauty blogging shortly after I began Cosmetology school and have been an avid student ever since.  I quickly realized through watching YouTube videos and trying different makeup tips and tricks that I sort of had a knack for it, so much so that I received a school scholarship and began teaching makeup application to anyone who would listen at my school, students and clients alike.  I soon realized that people wanted to know what I knew and would listen attentively ... which, to be quite honest, shocked me.  People started telling me that I needed to teach this and that I needed to share what I knew and was continuing to learn ... thus, I began.
I started small; I created a profile on Beautylish (look for me under Johanna H) and thought I'd never receive a following because I'm not technologically savvy and thought "I'll NEVER get a following without posting videos".  But, low and behold, I began gathering a following, just by posting pics and reviews, once again solidifying my shock that people cared what I had to say.  And so, this is the next step ...
The purpose of this blog is to simply make what I've learned accessible to the masses ... I paid DEARLY for my professional education, but I still don't think that I should keep it to myself.  Although I LOVE makeup and I LOVE watching tutorials and looking at pictures of swatches and reading reviews I believe that there is already a HUGE presence of that on the internet, what I haven't seen is a presence of haircare professionals teaching haircare.  So, I must confess that that is going to be the main focus of this page ... professional haircare.  Products, reviews, how to use them, how not to use them and my honest opinion.  Great hair is not just for the select few of us that have gone to school ... great hair is for everyone and I want to share what I know.
This does not mean that this page is limited to that.  I'm sure that I'll go through phases where I throw in the makeup and the skin care and the nails just because I love it SOOOO much.  But hair will be the main focus.
From now on I will try to post once a week.  Either a review of a product or step by step instructions on hair styling or care and feel free to request something that you want to know or learn about and I'll do my best to post something on it.  As of right now I'm not going to do the video thing, just because I don't have the funds to put that together, but hopefully that will come soon.
I apologize in advance for my long-windedness ... it comes with the teaching thing.  But I look forward to learning with you and hope that I will teach you something ...